Monday, 23 March 2015

Start a Nashta With Guptaji's Family

Every Morning our day starts with Breakfast. If we eat good quality of food in the morning our day goes good. Instead of having outside food why we can’t go for Guptaji’s house. There is a verity of recipe in Gupataji’s house. While looking to the dishes photos, water comes in every ones mouth.

I would like to go Guptaji’s house for Nashta because of Cornflakes and Oats Peppy Papaya Drink. There is lot of dishes available from Cornflakes. For example Sitaphal Cornflakes, Chapatti Cornflakes, Chivda, Chocolate and walnut, strawberry, Apple with a cinnamon twist, glorious blend of honey and nuts etc. Each dish is made of by Cornflake.


Cornflakes are good for health, nutritious and healthy food. It gives lots of energy and power. It does not contain oil things, so heart patients also able to have it. It contains high protein and less fat. It contains less sugar, so sugar patients also enjoy their breakfast in the morning.
Lot of energy is used by children’s and youths in playing games. After that they are feeling tiered. In this time if they eat Cornflakes instead of fast food, it gives them energy and relief. If the stomach is happy then that day goes good.

I like Sitaphal Cornflakes from Guptaji’s house. It is a combination of Cornflakes and Sitaphal. It is little bit breakfast with fruits. Fruits are good for health and it is proven by medical science. There are no difficulties in preparation, it will be ready in just 4 simple steps and we can eat it within 5 minutes. These things required to do the delicious Sitaphal Cornflakes.


·          1 Cup Kellogg's Corn Flakes
·          ½ cup Deseeded custard apple pulp
·          2 tbsp Chopped walnuts
·         1 Cup Cold milk

How to prepare:

·         Fill a bowl with the cornflakes.
·         Add the cold milk.
·        Top with the custard apple and walnuts.
·        Serve immediately.

Instead of having Tea and Coffee in the morning, Guptaji’s Oats Peppy Papaya Drink is really good for health. And its taste is super. We can make it in just 6 steps.


·        2 tbsp Oats
·        2 tbsp Low fat milk
·        2 cups Ripe papayas (cut into pieces)
·        ½ cup Water (or a little more)
·        4 tsp Sugar or sweetener
·        1 tsp Garden cress seeds (soaked in water for 10-15 minutes)

How to prepare:

·         Cook oats with milk and water
·         Cool and blend well in a liquidizer
·         To the blended oats, add pieces of ripe papaya, sugar and ice cubes
·         Blend again in the liquidizer
·         Mix in garden cress seeds
·         Serve chilled in tall glasses
   Ripe mangoes, chikus or strawberries may be used instead of papaya

Instead of papaya we can add chikus, banana, mangoes, orange, and grapes. Each fruit gives different taste and you really like the drink.

Finally, if you eat good food you will pay less to doctors. Instead of eating medicines, why can’t we eat good breakfast from Guptaji’s house? Let’s follow Guptaji’s recipe from now onwards and for every morning we have to go Guptaji’s house for Nashta.  Are you ready? 

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