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Start a Nashta With Guptaji's Family

Every Morning our day starts with Breakfast. If we eat good quality of food in the morning our day goes good. Instead of having outside food why we can’t go for Guptaji’s house. There is a verity of recipe in Gupataji’s house. While looking to the dishes photos, water comes in every ones mouth.

I would like to go Guptaji’s house for Nashta because of Cornflakes and Oats Peppy Papaya Drink. There is lot of dishes available from Cornflakes. For example Sitaphal Cornflakes, Chapatti Cornflakes, Chivda, Chocolate and walnut, strawberry, Apple with a cinnamon twist, glorious blend of honey and nuts etc. Each dish is made of by Cornflake.


Cornflakes are good for health, nutritious and healthy food. It gives lots of energy and power. It does not contain oil things, so heart patients also able to have it. It contains high protein and less fat. It contains less sugar, so sugar patients also enjoy their breakfast in the morning.
Lot of energy is used by children’s and youths in playing games. After that they are feeling tiered. In this time if they eat Cornflakes instead of fast food, it gives them energy and relief. If the stomach is happy then that day goes good.

I like Sitaphal Cornflakes from Guptaji’s house. It is a combination of Cornflakes and Sitaphal. It is little bit breakfast with fruits. Fruits are good for health and it is proven by medical science. There are no difficulties in preparation, it will be ready in just 4 simple steps and we can eat it within 5 minutes. These things required to do the delicious Sitaphal Cornflakes.


·          1 Cup Kellogg's Corn Flakes
·          ½ cup Deseeded custard apple pulp
·          2 tbsp Chopped walnuts
·         1 Cup Cold milk

How to prepare:

·         Fill a bowl with the cornflakes.
·         Add the cold milk.
·        Top with the custard apple and walnuts.
·        Serve immediately.

Instead of having Tea and Coffee in the morning, Guptaji’s Oats Peppy Papaya Drink is really good for health. And its taste is super. We can make it in just 6 steps.


·        2 tbsp Oats
·        2 tbsp Low fat milk
·        2 cups Ripe papayas (cut into pieces)
·        ½ cup Water (or a little more)
·        4 tsp Sugar or sweetener
·        1 tsp Garden cress seeds (soaked in water for 10-15 minutes)

How to prepare:

·         Cook oats with milk and water
·         Cool and blend well in a liquidizer
·         To the blended oats, add pieces of ripe papaya, sugar and ice cubes
·         Blend again in the liquidizer
·         Mix in garden cress seeds
·         Serve chilled in tall glasses
   Ripe mangoes, chikus or strawberries may be used instead of papaya

Instead of papaya we can add chikus, banana, mangoes, orange, and grapes. Each fruit gives different taste and you really like the drink.

Finally, if you eat good food you will pay less to doctors. Instead of eating medicines, why can’t we eat good breakfast from Guptaji’s house? Let’s follow Guptaji’s recipe from now onwards and for every morning we have to go Guptaji’s house for Nashta.  Are you ready? 

Switch to Moto E

The title suits me very much. Because my first touch smart phone is Moto E itself. Behind my MOT E there was a big story. I purchased Moto E on 22nd June 2014 from Flipkart. Before that I am using Nokia Asha 302, which was fall in water and damaged. That is the 3 days worst in my life without cell phone. On the other hand choosing new phone is again headache. I asked many of my friend’s opinion, searching on internet, comparing the features with other phone and for me budget also matters.

At this time one of my friend suggested Moto E. he already bought Moto G. Even he said me about the brand of phone and its demand on market. I still remember the words which he said, Moto E is powered by Google and you will get latest OS updates.

Finally I decided to buy the Moto E phone. I came to know all its features and I thought, for Rs.6999 it’s good to buy. And I raised the order in Flipkart. When Motorola launch smart phones in India it’s only available in Flipkart. I was waiting for the home delivery from Flipkart.

On 22nd June 2014 I received my brand new Moto E. I was feeling excited to open the box, and there is my Moto E. I liked the phone and its features. Especially when I switched on the phone the welcome Motorola Logs are awesome. No other smart phones having such a startup logs with graphics.

Moto E (1st Gen)

Theft detect feature is really unbelievable. The phone software contains good artificial intelligence when we reach home from office it automatically converts to assists mode. Smart phones design, weight, display, battery is good when we compare the other brands. This is the dual SIM 3G phone with 64GB external memory supportable, so that we can load unlimited photos, videos, movies. This phone contains accessories like Headset, charger. Headset is good in, quality of sound. Totally the phone is good and users can get in a reasonable price.

I have installed all the major games, applications and the phone is working fine. Phone contains 5MP camera which is clear and photos looks High definition. Phone contains 4GB ROM and 1GB RAM which more enough to run all the apps at a time. 1.2 GHz dual core processor executes everything quickly, within a fraction of seconds. HD display is 4.3 inches with latest Android Kitkat Operating System.

Recently I gone to Motorola official website and there I saw Lollipop OS is coming soon for Moto E 1st generation. Lollipop is already launched in Moto E 2nd generation.

Moto E (2nd Gen)

Moto E 2nd generation smart phones launched, and they are available in just Rs.6999. Unbelievable price and lot of features. The display size is 4.5inches, 8GB ROM with 0.3MP secondary camera, Lollipop OS these are the new features of Moto E.

Those who are planning to buy a smart phone go for Moto E 2nd generation.

#ChooseToStart your smartphone journey with the all new Moto E

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Divakara: Story Of An Optimistic Person

For lunch we 4 people going to hotel from office. After lunch we go back to office by bike. On the way we saw an old man who is doing sugar cane juice. When we look him we come to know he is around 65 to 70 years old. This person’s name is Divakara.

We liked this person because in that age also he is doing self business. After that we started going there daily. The person removing sugar cane juice from manual machine. We asked, “Why sir you are struggling with this manual machine”. He said,”What to do Sir?, For the cost of electric machine is 40k and for kerosene machine 25k. Instead of that I am happy with this.” This is the courage of an old man. And we young people can’t able to walk more than 2kms.

After 2 days we felt bad and thought to help him. So we going and removing juice for us. The person is so kind he is telling “why you people doing this?” and later he is giving half glass extra juice for free. But we said,”why you are giving half glass of juice for free?” He said,”In any type of business giving and taking is a type of marketing”. We thought that he is not doing this, as he is so kind of person. From this we came to know eating an Apple alone and sharing an Apple with 10 people give more satisfaction than eating alone. If you help others, someone helps you in your difficult time.

We can self motivate our self and improve courage in this story.  According to Divakar, People go to gym to keep their body fit. However I am not going to any gym this manual juice making is the best exercise for me and also I will be getting money out of this”. Whenever poor children’s or people came near to his shop always he used to call them and discuss with them about their life and sharing juice with them will be the most stimulating movement for me. When we look at rich people they always deal with rich people. But if poor people they mingle with all and they help or share whatever they have.

After drinking juice if we give him the money say example we drunk 2 juices cost of this is Rs.20 and we gave him Rs.50. I was busy in phone and left the juice shop around 100mtrs. Still he ran behind me and given the change back. This shows the humanity and doing things in right way.

This story tells us we need not differentiate with rich and poor people. After all we are human beings and our nature should be helping others. If an old man, sugar cane juice maker teaches us this moral then we engineers, marketing people have to help our society.


Saturday, 14 March 2015

Life changes at any movement- #Start A New Life

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Life changes at any movement. Each person’s life changes due to some good things or bad things. But it is necessary life has to change. If a person starts new life then only he will grow and he comes to know his capabilities what and all he can do. All famous people’s life changed after that only they became stars.

The same thing happened in my life. My life changed, I would like to call it “I Started a New Life”. Till my PU (10+2) I didn't get any prize, certificates in Sports. When I joined degree, it is compulsory to join any one sport activity. And it contains 50 marks. At the beginning I thought to join ball badminton, but from my home to college one hour journey so It is difficult to me play every day. So my new option is carom, but there is no university team from our college. Later I have no options so I joined Chess. I knew little bit Chess and I played with my brother and cousins. But don’t know exact rules. We were playing simply for time pass.

After joining Chess in my college, I started playing it regularly with my seniors. And each day I learned new tricks. Even I installed Chess game in my mobile phone and also played many times in pc. In 2007 there was a chess tournament in our college on account of independent day and I won runners. That is the First prize I got in sports. From there after my interest on chess increased and I started to refer many books and some ticks.

It really helped me to concentrate on particular topics, studies and all. In chess our mind becomes sharp, we can think different ways because in chess there will be a lot of solutions. This is the turn in my life. After that I started to play daily with my classmates and friends. And I got selected for college level university chess tournament. That is the first time I went somewhere because of sports. And I feel happy when I remember that movement.

In my second year of degree I got another prize and that time first place. On that day I realized if we do hard work really we can achieve something. And I achieved in two years. Even I attended chess coaching, which is held in our college for 5 days. That helped me a lot. Our chess trainer participated in World Chess Tournament. So he has too much experience in chess. He said us how to identify our opponent’s weakness and do it as our strength.

Even in my postgraduate I won three prizes in chess. Out of three one first place and reaming  two runners up.

According to me Chess is a good indoor game. It is a war between 2 minds. It improves your thinking capacity and also mind becomes sharp. We will improve our concentration power. So play the chess and tell others to play chess. 

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Journey which always done Together

A person’s journey starts from the time of his birth, and ends with his death. In between this time he will enjoy a lot with his family, friends, colleagues and pets. In our life time each day we will meet new peoples. And if the person is special then only we remember that person in our journey. 

College life is the most memorable time in our journey with different nature, characterized friends. Each one having their own attitude but all adjusts each other. We did lot of fun during free time. And much more tension during exam time. 

We have to find time in our busy schedules to study. In order to keep up we have to do daily assignments. Sometimes copy it from our friends. Reading every night helps to prepare for the exams. But this rule applies us on exam week. Taking notes in class and out of class are also necessary. We are collecting old question papers to analyze important questions and we spend lot of money for Xerox copies. At the end semester exams there and we start studying when the time table is published. After publish of time table we collect notes, text books from library and start group studies. All are studying till the last minute of exam. After completion of exams there will be a small party. Party is for name sake. If all meets together then there will be ultimate fun. 

In college days picnic time is totally a memorable day. And most of the students like hill stations, beaches and waterfalls. Without water picnic is not complete. Throwing water on friends is a funny movement. Singing songs, shouting during journey, sharing the snacks with friends increases the friendship. In between this someone takes photos and our pose is really awesome. In that one day we forget everything and enjoy fully. Trust me at the end of the day no one having energy all are feeling when to sleep and take rest. Next one week after picnic all are collecting photos from each other. While watching photos recall the fun which we did. 

After our studies all are busy in their own life. Some going abroad, some are in touch. When the time goes memories also getting erases because of new friends. But when we look the old photographs we still remember that day we enjoyed. 

Totally in our life time we face many problems as well our friends gives solutions which is not at all working! But still we are happy for their suggestions. All are giving different solution sometimes it looks like creative thinking. 

In hostel all are playing network related game like NFS Most Wanted, Counter Strike using WIFI. Sleeping late night and wake up at early morning. Many are sleeping inside classroom. From 11:00am to 3:00pm is the best time to sleep in class hours. 

Finally we miss our college days. And those who are studying now enjoy your life and build good memories, so you will remember it lifelong.

#Together we are, #Together we will always be.

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