Saturday, 14 March 2015

Journey which always done Together

A person’s journey starts from the time of his birth, and ends with his death. In between this time he will enjoy a lot with his family, friends, colleagues and pets. In our life time each day we will meet new peoples. And if the person is special then only we remember that person in our journey. 

College life is the most memorable time in our journey with different nature, characterized friends. Each one having their own attitude but all adjusts each other. We did lot of fun during free time. And much more tension during exam time. 

We have to find time in our busy schedules to study. In order to keep up we have to do daily assignments. Sometimes copy it from our friends. Reading every night helps to prepare for the exams. But this rule applies us on exam week. Taking notes in class and out of class are also necessary. We are collecting old question papers to analyze important questions and we spend lot of money for Xerox copies. At the end semester exams there and we start studying when the time table is published. After publish of time table we collect notes, text books from library and start group studies. All are studying till the last minute of exam. After completion of exams there will be a small party. Party is for name sake. If all meets together then there will be ultimate fun. 

In college days picnic time is totally a memorable day. And most of the students like hill stations, beaches and waterfalls. Without water picnic is not complete. Throwing water on friends is a funny movement. Singing songs, shouting during journey, sharing the snacks with friends increases the friendship. In between this someone takes photos and our pose is really awesome. In that one day we forget everything and enjoy fully. Trust me at the end of the day no one having energy all are feeling when to sleep and take rest. Next one week after picnic all are collecting photos from each other. While watching photos recall the fun which we did. 

After our studies all are busy in their own life. Some going abroad, some are in touch. When the time goes memories also getting erases because of new friends. But when we look the old photographs we still remember that day we enjoyed. 

Totally in our life time we face many problems as well our friends gives solutions which is not at all working! But still we are happy for their suggestions. All are giving different solution sometimes it looks like creative thinking. 

In hostel all are playing network related game like NFS Most Wanted, Counter Strike using WIFI. Sleeping late night and wake up at early morning. Many are sleeping inside classroom. From 11:00am to 3:00pm is the best time to sleep in class hours. 

Finally we miss our college days. And those who are studying now enjoy your life and build good memories, so you will remember it lifelong.

#Together we are, #Together we will always be.

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