Sunday, 29 September 2013

ClearOS Installation

ClearOS is not a general purpose OS. It's "Next Generation" cloud based OS based on Linux platform. It is mainly used for Server, Network, Gateway & monitoring the system based on IP address. It has its own marketplace where you can get the most featured apps.

In ClearOS there are two editions :

1) ClearOS Community
        This edition designed for developers to create and test their own apps. It is a free and open source product for Linux developers.

2) ClearOS Professional
        It is used for Business purpose, schools & organizations. Here you can access the Community edition apps and also you can purchase other apps. In this edition you can get the full support from 'ClearCenter Team'. 

Click here to download ClearOS (64bit)

ClearOS step by step installation video :


  1. Do you know how to setup clearos as a transparent gateway, like the way Untangale can be configured. I want to use clearos to monitor traffic going in and out of a particular server in our network. LAN users should be able to access server and server should be able to access LAN machines. Doable?

  2. Hi Savi Thomas, To setup Clear OS as a transparent gateway watch these videos

    and i'll see about clearos to monitor traffic going in and out and inform you. Thank you for comment.


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