Thursday, 9 July 2015

Honey for healthy life

When we talk about natural sweetness, honey comes first in our mind. India is producing more honey in the world. In India Kashmir and Coorg are famous for producing honey. All the Indians tasted honey at least once, no doubt in that. In olden days honey is mainly used for preparing Ayurvedic medicines. Now days we are using for diet purpose and Honey diet is 100% working.

We can do honey diet in various ways.

According to Ayurveda we have to consume honey with warm water in the morning. It increases our Digestion system. It helps to burn the fat and gives energy. If we are having honey with warm water in the morning, then there is no need to add sugar in our tea or coffee. If we add honey instead of sugar in tea or coffee then it is good for our health.

Even diabetic patients can use honey. When we compare honey and sugar both gives equal sweetness. But honey is natural and it’s very tasty. It will not increase the diabetic level. Many people are drinking lime juice in the morning to reduce their weight. They can also add honey to it. And it is a good combination, both are natural. I tried it many times.

Honey diet is a healthy diet. No need to do pasting and punishing our self with one meal per day. We can have three meals per day along with honey diet. There are lots of recipes present, where we can use honey while preparing food. Honey chicken is one of my favorite dishes.

According to the latest research honey is good for blood. It balances blood pressure and increases white blood cells. Some people are telling honey has a power to cure cancer. I don’t know whether it is scientifically proven or not. Consuming two tea spoons of honey is curing cold and cough problem. If our health is proper then only our diet works. I heard honey is increasing memory power. So, many students consume it during exam times.

Honey contains the power to kill the bacteria’s. If we apply it to our wound it will cure immediately. Honey contains antibiotics which is good for our skin. If we apply honey to our skin regularly it will glow and skin becomes smooth and shiny.

In the night while going for sleep consuming honey will reduce the acidity. Honey is used in most of all the acidity medicines. If we eat honey in the night we will get a good sleep. Sleep is a part of diet. If we sleep well in night, our day will be good.

Honey and milk combination is very good for hard workers. If you workout in gym and consuming Honey Milk shake drink, then it increases the muscle power. It provides more energy and stamina, so that the person can do more exercise.

Consuming Honey and ginger gives relief from throat pain. Even it is giving relief from stomach pain and it is fighting with acidity problems.

Finally I would like to say there are lots of benefits from honey. It will not harm human body. So eat the honey and maintain your body.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Fastest Mobile Browser -UC Browser

In India we face lot of internet problems. When Cricket match is going on there is a problem of live stream. But we are blaming our phone, network connection, internet speed and we don’t know it is a problem of our browser.

Now we are in the 3G speed internet world with branded top speed Smartphone. Still we face problem while watching live cricket match. Google Chrome is a default browser for Android Smart phones and Internet Explorer for Windows. Without informing user these browsers sending request to the server. So browsing speed decreases and user gets angry on Internet.

Instead of getting angry why can’t we use UC Browser? My all friends are using this browser including me. In India cricket is a famous game. All the youngsters like this game. In India there is no continues power. Due to power failure we have to depend on our phones for Cricket match or any other games which are going on live. In this situation without UC Browser it is very difficult to enjoy the game. In Cricket each and every ball important to the user.

I liked UC Browser and its notification app. This is always running on our phone. It is showing pop up messages to the user. In the browser there is a Cricket/Football button is present. No need to type the url all the time. I liked UC Cricket option which is always running on the notification screen. When we are driving the vehicle it is difficult to watch the live match. Instead of that we can see the score and comments.

Compare to other browsers UC browser is very fast and consuming less internet bandwidth. It is running on low hardware phone also. When it is running I didn’t felt like my phone is hanging. But the same thing I felt on chrome browser. This browser contains built in Facebook, Twitter, Gmail option so that I can use them in one touch.

The one best feature I liked in UC Browser is, in the notification screen it shows the country flag. I never saw such thing in other browser. When I see my country’s flag it makes me happy and feels better.

When I see UC Browser I feel like it is made for game browser. There are two Cricket website links. One is UC Cricket and another one is Cricbuzz. UC Browser is updating quickly. It gives each ball status to the user. There is no need to worry about the match status. Even this browser gives good quality of video. UC Browser buffers the video quickly, so you can watch the match like a movie. No other browser runs like UC Browser. It is a small app and not taking too much device space.

Finally I am very happy with this browser. I will tell other users to use it. This browser saved my time by typing the url. Because of this browser I am not facing any internet problems.

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