Monday, 5 October 2015

Oracle Vs PostgreSQL -Which is Faster?

In software industry if a project comes to engineer, first thing comes in his mind which language to be use. And the second and most important thing which database should use? There are several databases in market. Some are paid and reaming open source. Many people go for open source because no need to pay or invest huge amount. Oracle is the famous and most running database in market which is a paid database. PostgreSQL is similar to Oracle which is an open source database. Most of the operations of PostgreSQL are similar to Oracle.

Here I discovered the main advantage of PostgreSQL. It is little bit faster than Oracle in fetching data. I tested with same records of data and on same machine. Loot At Here -



The same query runs in PostgreSQL in 31ms (Milliseconds) and oracle in 55ms. 

In Oracle if we want to check its data type we have to type a command ‘DESC TABLENAME’. But in PostgreSQL it is coming in ‘SELECT * FROM TABLE NAME’. Just see the images above.

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