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Life changes at any movement- #Start A New Life

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Life changes at any movement. Each person’s life changes due to some good things or bad things. But it is necessary life has to change. If a person starts new life then only he will grow and he comes to know his capabilities what and all he can do. All famous people’s life changed after that only they became stars.

The same thing happened in my life. My life changed, I would like to call it “I Started a New Life”. Till my PU (10+2) I didn't get any prize, certificates in Sports. When I joined degree, it is compulsory to join any one sport activity. And it contains 50 marks. At the beginning I thought to join ball badminton, but from my home to college one hour journey so It is difficult to me play every day. So my new option is carom, but there is no university team from our college. Later I have no options so I joined Chess. I knew little bit Chess and I played with my brother and cousins. But don’t know exact rules. We were playing simply for time pass.

After joining Chess in my college, I started playing it regularly with my seniors. And each day I learned new tricks. Even I installed Chess game in my mobile phone and also played many times in pc. In 2007 there was a chess tournament in our college on account of independent day and I won runners. That is the First prize I got in sports. From there after my interest on chess increased and I started to refer many books and some ticks.

It really helped me to concentrate on particular topics, studies and all. In chess our mind becomes sharp, we can think different ways because in chess there will be a lot of solutions. This is the turn in my life. After that I started to play daily with my classmates and friends. And I got selected for college level university chess tournament. That is the first time I went somewhere because of sports. And I feel happy when I remember that movement.

In my second year of degree I got another prize and that time first place. On that day I realized if we do hard work really we can achieve something. And I achieved in two years. Even I attended chess coaching, which is held in our college for 5 days. That helped me a lot. Our chess trainer participated in World Chess Tournament. So he has too much experience in chess. He said us how to identify our opponent’s weakness and do it as our strength.

Even in my postgraduate I won three prizes in chess. Out of three one first place and reaming  two runners up.

According to me Chess is a good indoor game. It is a war between 2 minds. It improves your thinking capacity and also mind becomes sharp. We will improve our concentration power. So play the chess and tell others to play chess. 

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