Friday, 30 September 2016

Take Care of your Heart

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association withBlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”

Saffola is one of the foremost names in heart-care in India. Saffolalife is a not for profit banner under Saffola which has led the heart-care movement in the country through several campaigns.
·         Accounting your calories : Yes , accounting of calories is more important than  accounting of wealth as without health , wealth is of no use expect  but to buy Lifetime supply of expensive medicine , which no one wants to eat . So note down what you eat, check the calories and make a excel – sheet/chart or use one of many online tools available to monitor if your intake is within the limits or going away.

·         Walk – Jogg – Walk : Yes , depending on your age 30-45 min. session mix of Walk – Jogg & Walk is must either in morning or late evening when outdoor pollution level is low .

·         Gym/Yoga: With Celebrity Promotion and Our Hon. PM’s Endorsement, YOGA is getting back in life of common Indians and it definitely has worked well in increasing and improving blood circulation in body.

·         Check the labels : So every time when  going to supermarket to buy packed food , do check for  “saturated or trans fats ” mentioned in any content or better change practice to buy healthy fresh food .

·         Saffolalife: Indian Kitchen have a tradition to measure love with amount of GHEE poured in Vegetables or Breads.. But it’s time to switch to Saffolalife as you don’t want your arteries blocked with cholesterol.

·         Late night Carvings : With change in sleeping pattern and motto of ” Late of Bed and Late to Rise ” , Owl’s like me and my wife remain awake 3-4 hours after dinner and for those late night carving instead of chips / junk food , we replace it with fruits / Dry fruits or anything with fiber.

·         Get a Band : Not the friendship band but a Health band  wrapped your our wrist , Which counts  steps , measure heart beats , BP and display over APP installed in your mobile and help in setting and measuring if we are close to our fitness goals . It also triggers alarm if any of the body vitals crosses threshold and even share data without family doctor and send SMS/SOS for medical help.. Tech is amazing; we just have to learn to use it in our favor.

Saffolalife, through the idea of “Chhote Kadam – dil ke bade kaam ke” - inspires you in a positive way to take small steps for staying active, eating better and being happy so that you can make your heart health journey easy, enjoyable yet effective.

  • Staying Active
  • Eating Better
  • Being Happy

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