Saturday, 14 May 2016

Sunday evening ‘Strong Inside to Grow Outside’ by Horlicks #Immunity4Growth

If we physically and mentally healthy then we can achieve anything in our life. But our health is depends on the weather, food and the situation around us. Our ancestors said health is wealth; the meaning is simple if you have good health you can earn or gain wealth.

To maintain our health we have to eat good food, have to sleep well at least 6 hours per day and the weather should be in good condition. If all the above things we follow still we feel it’s not enough, we want something more to boost our energy and immunity and we are trying different methods, techniques to boost our immunity. To become strong inside we are eating so many nutrition foods, doing excise, yoga etc. But food plays a major role.

Some of the nutrition foods:
1) Barley
Barley contains a huge amount of Vitamin B, fiber, manganese, copper, proteins which increases our strength and immunity to fight against germs and bacteria.

2)    Wheat
It contains low sugar and fat. Even a diabetic patient can eat. It contains a huge amount of carbohydrates and fiber.

3)    Banana
It contains vitamin B6 , manganese, vitamin C, potassium, dietary fiber, potassium, copper and water.

4)    Strawberry
It contains vitamin C and manganese.

5)    Chocolate
Chocolate contains cocoa butter, sugar, and milk.

All the above foods good for health and helps us to grow faster and stronger and increases our immunity. And all the above foods are present in Horlicks.



Horlicks tag line itself tells “taller stronger sharper”. If we add Horlicks to milk and drink 2 times per day then we will get all kinds of nutrition which is necessary and required to our body.



In the Blogger meet ‘Jill Castle’ said us the tips and uses of Horlicks. She said how it helps to the children’s and adults. The talk by her was very interesting and amazing. I didn’t know that, a single Horlicks can do all these things. Really Horlicks is a nutritious product and all of us need it to become ‘Strong Inside to Grow Outside’. Now it contains 2X(IMMUNO-NUTRIENTS).


The blogger meet which was organized in a nice way. And I learnt lot of things from one meet. Even such kind of meets helps us to know more about product and even we can get a right knowledge from right experts. Helps the bloggers to build our skills about product and gets a chance to share our thoughts.



A special thanks to Horlicks for the event and for giving a Horlicks bottle. Amazing event and meet organized by Indiblogger team. Thanks a lot. J  #Immunity4Growth

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