Friday, 4 December 2015

Protect Your Smartphone Using 360 Security Lite App

“I am reviewing the 360 Degree Security Lite App for the #MadeForIndia activityat BlogAdda.” 

This is a Smartphone generation. And all of us have our own Smartphone’s. Now days, it is very difficult to give our phones to others. All of us maintain our privacy. No one likes to share their photos, videos, chats to others. All are thinking how to protect all these things from other and malware viruses. We have so many protections which are provided from our phone like pin password, patterns and even some phones contain touch locks. But there is only one app which contains AppLock system. That is ‘360 Security Lite App.

360 Security Lite App is made for Indian people by Indians. Really this is good news for all of us. 360 Security Lite App contains lot of new and advanced features. Really need to appreciate the developer for their hard work and I never saw other app in Google Play Store like 360 Security Lite App.

These are the features I noticed in 360 Security Lite App after installing it to my Smartphone.

·        Boost
Sometimes we feel our phone is getting hanged or some other application makes our phone slow. Open the app and click on Boost. Within 10 seconds it will clear the memory which other apps using, so that your phone will work faster and it boosts the battery, so that your phone will alive some more hours.

·        AppLock
This feature I liked the most. With this feature we can lock all the apps like Whats app, face book, Messenger, gallery, calls and chats. There is no fear to give your phone someone else. Everything is protected and secured.

·        Cleaning
Every time we are deleting images, videos and increase our phones space. But we are unable to find and delete junk files, cache memory. We are thinking somewhere our phone space went. But in this app if you click clean button it calculates and shows the history of your memory which is unwanted. If we are giving approval it deletes the unwanted files.

·        Antivirus

This app contains antivirus facility so there is no problem when you share the files with your friends over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. No need to worry if anything happens, 360 Security Lite App always ready to delete/kill the virus.

·        Notification Manager

This app contains notification manager. We can block notifications by selecting the app name. Always we can concentrate on the present things rather getting disturbed by notifications.

·        Find My Phone

We can set the remote screen lock, data deletion, sim change alert by activating this option. Easy we can come to know in which location our phone is.\

·        Data Monitor

We can set the data limitations. So that we come to know from this app that our bandwidth limit exceeds. Even there is a firewall along with this app which protects unwanted connections.

·        Call and SMS Filter
We can filter the call and SMS, so that we can block the unwanted spam calls. It is very Lite App, so it installs in any phone without complications.

Finally I enjoyed a lot by using this app. And surely I suggest my friends, readers to try this app. It works as its name says 360 Security (from all ends).

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